Sensors and Instrumentation
Techniques Group


The Sensors and Instrumentation Techniques Group’s main areas of research involve the development of new optical spectroscopy and interferometry techniques; the exploitation of new optical sources and architectures for optical signal generation and processing, and the development of instrumentation systems for different applications.

The group’s principal research lines are:


Optical Spectroscopy/Interferometry:

- Linear and non-linear spectroscopy.
- Dual-comb spectroscopy.
- Heterodyne and fiber interferometers.

Study and development of optical sources, techniques, and architectures for optical signal generation and processing (Gain Switching, Injection Locking, …).


Instrumentation System Development and Applications:

Biomedical Applications.
- Military Applications
- Environmental Applications.
- Industrial Applications
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During 2022, members of the research group developed and patented a new system for capturing hyperspectral images (those capable of collecting information across the entire electromagnetic spectrum), which can operate…

Development of different sensors to detect SARS-Cov-2 virus in saliva

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During this past 2021, the research group has developed different types of sensors to detect SARS-CoV-2 virus in saliva. The first one was a photoelectrochemical aptasensor and the second one…

Group dinner

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After many postponed celebrations due to the last restriction period, we have finally gone out for a dinner to commemorate new hirings, thesis discussions and incorporations to the group. There’s…

CODE: RE-FARM Project Kick-Off Meeting

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On May 18th 2021, the Code Re-farm European project’s KoM took place. The overall objective of the Code Re-farm project is to contribute to a better understanding of the relationships…

Thesis discussion

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On March 17th 2021, Dahiana Mojena Medina gave us the pleasure to discuss her PhD Thesis: ‘Design, characterization and validation of integrated bioelectronics for celular studies. From inkjet-printed sensors to…

AEROMIC Project Kick-Off Meeting

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Today we have had the KoM for the new European Project of the Group AEROMIC: Development of New digital Microphone-MEMS-Sensors for wind tunnels with open/closed test sections and flight tests.…

SITec Researchers combine spectroscopy technique with video-rate imaging

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Our group has used an advanced analytical technique known as dual-comb spectroscopy, for which the group is well-known, to rapidly acquire highly detailed hyperspectral images. The work is part of…